How to Be

July 15, 2011

Last Sunday my friend Janet and I took a day trip up to Flagstaff with big plans to do all sorts of productive activities.

Shortly after we arrived we set off for a long walk/hike at Buffalo Park and ended up getting caught in a heavy rainstorm. By the time we returned to the car we were completely soaked and wishing we’d had the foresight to pack extra clothes, or at least an umbrella.

So we found our way over to the mall and wandered off in separate directions to seek out new clothes and towels. We met up afterwards, all dry and newly attired, to discover that we’d bought the same T-shirt. Luckily the shirts were in different colors, so it wasn’t that obvious.

We continued shopping and walking around the mall until it closed and we simply had no other choice than to relocate to Pita Jungle for dinner. After we’d verified that the Flagstaff PJ was every bit as awesome as the ones in the valley, we headed over to Starbucks where Janet got to work revising her play and I read the paper and did this drawing.

Although the rainstorm ordeal may have made it sound like the day was a bust, we actually had a really fun time throughout the entire adventure. When the Starbucks closed down at 10:00 PM we finally decided to call it a day and head back to Phoenix.

By the time I got back home and into bed it was 2:00 AM, only four hours until I had to get up and get ready for work. I usually know better than to start the work week off on so little sleep, but sometimes you just have to say to say “screw it” and enjoy the moment.

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  1. It was really a fun day. Love the drawing!

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