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Haunted Desk Calendar

November 4, 2012

I just came across these old pictures from 2008. When I first started my current job I inherited this ginormous desk calendar, which I never used. (I’m an Outlook Express kind of girl.) So I mostly just scribbled on it and drew random pictures. Until we got to October.

It started with one grinning jack on the October 31st square. Then it grew into a little pumpkin patch.

Then I added a graveyard and a haunted house, and the next thing I knew I had this whole Halloween scene.

It was a pretty fun challenge because I didn’t have my normal markers or colored pencils at my disposal. I was limited to whatever highlighters and colored pens I could scrounge up from the office.

For some real cool haunted house paintings check out The Haunted Studio. Local artist Lew Lehrman takes pictures of people’s homes and turns them into these spookishly cool haunted house scenes.