July 14, 2011

Here is the sketchbook that I’ve been using lately. The covers are flimsy and don’t provide that support that I need, so I collaged things onto them in order to make them a little sturdier. On the front I have some pictures I saved from an old Futurama calendar.

The inside of the front has some random postcards from art shows, along with a sticker from Phantom Ranch to remind me that this is the sketchbook that I lugged down into and back out of the Grand Canyon.

On the inside of the back cover I attached a pocket so that I can keep postcards and other random papers. It is always handy to have a couple postcards around in case you want to draw something and you have no interest in drawing your surroundings. (Better artists than me would draw things from their imagination)

The photo of the old man sculpture is from a catalogue of an exhibit we had at the library a month or two ago. Sketches from that exhibit can be seen here:


On the back cover I pasted a large postcard that I got from the Bodyworlds exhibit a while back. The art anatomy reminds me of the life drawing books I studied in college. I had to add the Disneyland sticker to remind me that I’ve got drawings from my last Disneyland visit in here too.

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