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July 25, 2014

Here’s another of these. This one is not my favorite, mostly because of that yellow background. The vibrance of the two yellows just made the figure turn out all bland and washed out looking. Damn, I am really regretting that stupid yellow background? Maybe I should cut him out and collage him onto a different background. I might do that.


Anyhow, I did have fun exaggerating his foot. I just wish I had made it even larger.


Knockabouts, Whitey’s & Kai

July 20, 2014

Here are a few quick sketches from recent adventures. And by adventures I mean situations in which I was sitting down and other people were doing stuff.

This first one is of a fun celtic band that we happened upon at a bar in Flagstaff. Most of their songs were of the encouraging-the-crowd-to-drink variety, so naturally the whole room was pretty rowdy by the end of the night.

One guy – dressed in a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and spandex shirt – got up and moved his body around in a way that I believe was meant to imitate an Irish jig, but ended up being more of a performance art piece reminding us all of why drunk middle-aged white men should get up at dance at every opportunity.

Then after the band ended their set he took the microphone and said, “Everyone has gifts and talents, and I created the Arizona baseball version of American Idol, but these guys are even better than me!



And here we have a dude in the lobby of Whitey’s Auto Repair. Arizonians rarely pass up an opportunity to wear ugly sandals, and I rarely pass up an opportunity to document it.



And this here is Kai, the adorable son of my good friends Sharon and Jerome. Children and babies remain one of my biggest challenges. Kai is much cuter and sweeter than represented here.



Golf Hats, Monks, and Grey Undies

July 4, 2014

Here are a couple more drawings of Richard with a big old head. The reason he looks deep in thought here is because he is deep in thought. He is drawing stick figure cartoons in his sketchbook. I would post his cartoons, but they are not family friendly.

That statue of the monk randomly appeared on our dining room table a few days ago and I’ve been wanting to draw it ever since. So I set him up along with the little laughing Buddha figurine, and then made Richard put on that golf hat.

These big head drawings started out as funny little quick sketches and now they are becoming quite the production. I set up a lamp and everything. Richard now insists on setting a timer for one hour because otherwise it takes half the day.

golfhat richard

The monk statue is not nearly is friendly looking as I have made him appear here. I think the laughing buddha is rubbing off on him.

As for this drawing I would just like to say that Richard gave me permission to post it, even though he is only wearing his tighty whiteys. Or rather, his tighty greysies. I’ve taken to doing monochromatic backgrounds because they really make the figure pop. It also takes up less time.

cartoonist richard