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Bad Buddhist

August 27, 2014

Here is a marker drawing I did of “Bad Buddhist” Dan Hull at his solo performance last June at Space 55. Dan is a stand up comedian, teacher, storyteller, DJ, and a buddhist. And I mean, a real buddhist. Not like that guy in your office who says he’s a buddhist because he learned about it in a world religions class back in college and thought it sounded easy. Dan has dedicated a huge part of his life to his buddhism. He went through training, attended conferences, made his own special robe, and even managed to piss off a hundred year old buddhist master.



Dan is the Storytelling Master of Phoenix. He coordinates and frequently performs in Storyline, a monthly show created by a collective of diverse individuals who come together to craft the raw art of live storytelling. Storyline happens every third Friday at Space 55 at 10:30pm. He also coordinates Yarnball, a weekly storytelling open mic event at Lawn Gnome Books every Wednesday at 8pm. If you live in Phoenix go check out these events.