Welcome to the factory. Here is the place where sketches are made. Actually no, sketches are made in a sketchbook. But here is the place where sketches are posted, along with the stories behind them, and the things I’ve discovered along the way.

Because I’m still learning. And relearning. And relearning some more.

Thanks for looking.

–Carrie Behrens



  1. Hi Carrie!

    So glad your Mom forwarded your website to me! It’s terrific!

    You are one talented gal…


  2. I love your sketchbook blog! Your drawings do a great job of capturing real moments that let’s your viewer stare at scenes without being caught by the subject. Keep it up, i’ll be checking back for more.

    • Thanks Cassie. That is quite the complement coming from such an awesome artist.

  3. Very nice work! Great website too. Who did your website design?

    • I did! Okay I guess WordPress did it. I just selected the layout.

  4. saw the tag on Iowa/ cedar rapids, especially loved the sketches of the people on the plane (when you were coming home from your sisters wedding) signed, a fellow Iowan and wordpress blogger

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