Mixing Moments

July 19, 2011

Holidays with my family are extremely casual, fend for yourself, kind of affairs. We don’t dress up, we don’t clean up, and we’re more likely to order a pizza than cook a ham. This year, due to some scheduling conflicts, we did a Christmas Eve breakfast instead of dinner, and I spent most of the time working on this drawing.

Once again I made the mistake of “mixing moments” and getting odd results. I focused so much on trying to capture my bros with their mouths open, that I did not pay attention to what else was going on.

I never realized until after this drawing, that we humans don’t actually open our mouths to take a bite until right before the fork hits our lips. Here I’ve drawn their hands in a completely different moment, leaving them with their mouths hanging open in a sort of “duh”-like expression.

While technically I should consider this an error, I happen to love the dopey looks on their faces and wouldn’t change it if I could.

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