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January 28, 2013

With that Lincoln movie up for an Oscar this year, it got me thinking about all the sketches I’ve done of Lincoln over the years. He was kind of an odd looking guy with that long gaunt face and weird beard, which makes him very fun to draw.  Lucky for me, there seems to be more statues of him around than anyone else in history. So whenever I come across one, I sketch it.

bust of lincoln

Disneyland art gallery, 2011

Rushmore 2

Mount Rushmore, 2003



Abe Mem 1

Lincoln Memorial, 2009


Abe Mem 2

Lincoln Memorial, 2nd attempt, 2009

Mount Rushmore, 2012

abe statue

A park in Portland, 2004

Great Moments with Abe

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Disneyland, 2012 (I did this one in the dark)


SoDak Sketches

October 24, 2012

I went back to my home state of SoDak in early September. I brought along this new sketchbook that came free with a package of colored pencils. Both the sketchbook and the pencils were of cheap quality so it really wasn’t that much of a deal. But the sketchbook has this little pocket in the back, and a band that wraps around the outside, AND this built in ribbon thing to mark your page. So with all those accessories I keep thinking I love the book, but actually I don’t because the paper is too slick and makes for not so brilliant drawings. But whatever. Here they are…

We begin on the plane. No sleeper is safe around me.

Next we have the view from my gramma’s backyard. A random crane.

Now we head west to the Black Hills where me and my dad did some hiking and camping. One day I climbed up to Harney Peak, the highest mountain in SoDak, and did this sketch of the tower.

Moving along to Mt. Rushmore. I did this sketch in the evening as the sun was setting, causing me to keep making the shadows darker and darker. I remember being at Mt. Rushmore in 2003 and the exact same thing happened  then too. Those brown markings in the upper left corner are the result of me experimenting with combining a waterbrush with markers. Didn’t really work out as I had hoped.

And here is one that I did of my dad as we drove from the Black Hills back to Sioux Falls. This is probably my favorite drawing that I have ever done of him.