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Lost and Found

July 22, 2011

A couple months ago my hiking club did a tough climb at Finger Rock in Tucson. It was a pretty small group and we all got pretty spread out on the trail. A couple of the women on the hike actually went down the wrong side and ended up getting very very lost.

Our fearless leader, Charles, found out that they were lost and spent several hours standing on a rock halfway up the mountain, in the heat, with no water, trying to direct them back onto the trail via cell phone.

While the three of them sweated it out on the mountain, I spent the evening in the parking lot, hanging out with two other hikers from the group. We had a good old time relaxing in cozy lawn chairs, replenishing our energy, and talking until nightfall. I did this sketch of Rob, laying on the pavement, and enjoying the fact that he was not lost.

The other three finally made it down safely and we all lived happily ever after. But we never did make it to our traditional post hike dinner.