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February 17, 2014

In honor of President’s Day I drew a couple of our Founding Fathers. It was the least I could do, since we get a paid holiday in their honor. Plus, I will take every opportunity to draw Abe Lincoln. (He’s just so odd looking!)

I would like to thank our American currency for providing reference photos.

(I had to borrow a fiver to do this one because I just don’t roll with that kind of cash.)


Remember in the last blog post when I said I have to be careful when using the white pen or else I overdo it? Well that there is a perfect example.

For GW I didn’t have to borrow any money, as I was able to supply my own single. This time I didn’t go quite so crazy on the white pen, and I like it better here.


Making this drawing gave me flashbacks to my cherished Garbage Pail Kids collection. Back when I was about 10 or 11 years old (circa 1988) I frequently copied GPKs in an attempt to learn to draw. In fact, the first drawing that I ever remember taking seriously, and where I actually managed to stay focused for more than a couple of minutes, was when I made a copy of “Well Done Sheldon.”


But my very favorite GPK was Gorgeous George (and his twin Dollar Bill).



Drummers in Portland

June 16, 2011

I was in a square in Portland sketching this statue of Abe Lincoln when these drummer guys came up to me and looked at the drawing and told me a little background about the statue. They said that it was done towards the end of the Civil War when all the stress and pressure of the war and his personal life really started to show. In the statue you could see that he was more haggard and worn down than in most depictions of him.

Later on I did a quick gesture sketch of the drummer guy.