Old Frankie, New Frankie

October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Last year the gallery at my local library put on a rad Frankenstein exhibit.


Local artists created Frankenstein-inspired works. I loooooove Frankenstein. To me, that character is the epitome of Halloween. So I was totally psyched when this exhibit came in.

Even more so when I saw this painting was done by Dain Q. Gore, an acquaintance of mine. His style is very distinct and I recognized it right away.

dains frank

Another one I liked was this 3-dimensional piece by Luster Kaboom that imagined the Frankenstein monster as an old man.

lusters frank

I liked it so much (especially his Mickey Mouse t-shirt, nice touch) that I did a little sketch of it. Then about eight months later I came back to it and colored it with alcohol markers.

Eight months later!


I have been doing that a lot lately. Going back to things I drew a while ago, things that I had already considered “finished,” and coloring them in and sometimes adding a background. It’s been fun, making old things better with my newly acquired passion for color.

Same thing with my writing. I’ve been taking plays I wrote years ago, plays that have already been produced, and rewriting them using new skills and techniques that I have learned since I wrote them the first time.

A part of me feels like I should be focusing on making new things with these new powers, rather than messing with old stuff. But it’s really fun and challenging to go back to something I already put a lot of time and energy into, something I’m already attached to, and improve upon it.

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