Immortal Instruments

February 5, 2014

I’ve been carrying sketchbooks and various drawing tools around for about a hundred years now. And during that time I’ve purchased dozens of different little kits and bags and things to hold my pens and stuff.

Then while back my sister-in-law told me about this thing her friend made to transport her kids’ crayons. I was so inspired by the idea that right then and there I sketched out a design for something similar that I could make for myself…

Instrument Holder

Then over the next few months (yes months, because I’m that slow) I sewed it together. Then I tried it. Altered it. Tried it. Altered it some more, until finally…

instrument holder

What a beautiful functional pouch!

Okay so my work is a bit sloppy. I’ve never been very good at sewing (or any other sort of crafty, 3-dimensional, pinteresty type stuff) but hey, I made this all by myself. And check it out! It’s got slots for all my pens, pencils, and shading markers. And it even has a little button pouch for my sharpener and eraser.

I used to just carry everything together in one big zippered pouch, but that would become a problem because the graphite from the pencils would muck everything else up, and sometimes the pens would leak on each other. With the different slots for different utensils, they stay organized and clean.

The original design had a string on the end so that when it was time to go, I could just roll it up and wrap the string around it. But that was too bulky for my purse. So I cut off the string and added a couple buttons instead.

Now I just fold down the flap…


Turn it over…


Fasten the buttons…


And bam! I am ready to go!

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