January 30, 2014

I am super crazy happy excited for my friend Molly Schaar Idle, who just won a Caldecott Honor, for her book Flora and the Flamingo!!!


You can read all about it at this link here. Then go out and buy all of her books.

I turned to Molly for help last year when I was making a poster for a show called Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings, and despite being a very busy and high demand illustrator, she still took the time to give me a ton of great advice, which really helped me to improve the poster. I wrote all about it in this previous blog post.

I met Molly in college when I joined up with her and several other talented folks to try to start an animation company. The company didn’t last, but it was a great experience, and the friendships I made there (which also include artists Jessica Hickman, Michael Petry, and Molly’s husband Steve) are still going strong after some 15+ years.

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