Creative Cafe

January 24, 2014

Sometime last year my husband and I decided to make a point of hanging out on the couch together for a couple hours every Sunday morning. We drink (the good) coffee and either read to each other, work on a project together, or just hang out near each other while working on our own projects separately. We call it Creative Cafe, and yeah it sounds kinda dorky but deep down you know it’s cool.

For the past few weeks my Creative Cafe project has been to do these funny caricatures of Richard in pen and Tombow markers. Here is the one I did last Sunday.

Richard ipad

This one is my favorite so far because of how the hands turned out. I was having a real hard time at first getting them right — partly because I was sitting so close to him that it distorted the angle, and also because I couldn’t decide whether to make the size of his hands match his little body, or his giant head. Anyway, after a few do-overs and lots of erasing I finally came up with something I liked.

By the way, our back wall is not actually pink. I just colored it that way to make his face pop.

By the way, part 2, I used that very iPad to take the photo of the sketch posted here. I am pretty much done with scanners. The iPad takes better pictures than any scanner or digital camera I ever had.

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