November 16, 2011

A few weeks ago I saw a show called Munched at Space 55 theatre in Phoenix. Actually I saw it three times. It was that good. During one of the shows I did a few sketches.

The show is about a girl who’s mother gets convicted of munchausen by proxy and thrown in jail. The girl grows up hating her mother and believing she was crazy.

The story is told in alternate view points between the mother (played by Kim Porter) and the daughter (played by Michelle Kable).

There were two other actors in the show (David Weiss and Shawna Franks) who played all of the other characters. It was a pretty big job.

Usually by the end of the show a lot of people in the audience would be crying (and embarrassed about it). And they would all have different opinions as to what really happened and whether or not the mother was guilty.

If this show was still running I would probably see it a fourth time. Every time I’ve seen it I’ve gotten something else out of it.

Check out what’s up next for Space 55 at www.space55.org.

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