Pink Nightmare

August 16, 2011

Here are a few more of my timid attempts at using color. I rigged a small watercolor palette that is portable and fairly easy to use with the idea being that I could do watercolor sketches on the go. Of course I did all three of these in the comfort of my own home. So I guess I am still working up the guts to do those watercolors on the go.

The problem is that I spend a lot of time on http://www.urbansketchers.org, which showcases the work of some pretty dang amazing sketchbook artists from all over the world. Seeing all these new masterpieces pop up everyday is both inspiring and intimidating.


  1. What a great movie and some pretty cool sketches. I love plein airing with watercolors, but in southern Indiana the bugs, high heat and humidity, can make it challenging. Great weather ahead so I hope to get out and do more. Have fun with it and I’ll check in to see the results!

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