Washington DC

July 4, 2011

In the summer of 2009 my little brother got an internship in Washington DC, so I took the opportunity to go over there for a weekend to sketch, hang out with Brady, and try not to argue about politics.

We spent my first evening there rollerblading up and down the mall between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

I made two attempts at the Lincoln Memorial. I have this obsession with Lincoln. Whenever I come across a Lincoln statue I must draw it.

The next day, Brady had to work, but part of his job is to give tours of the Capitol Building to visitors, so he gave me my own personal tour, which was way more interesting than I thought it would be and which included riding the secret underground kiddie train from the senate offices to the Capitol Building.

Then I went off to explore for the rest of the day on my own while he kept working. I probably walked about 10 miles going back and fourth between the major sites.

Eventually I stopped for lunch at Old Ebbitt’s Grill, where many presidents have dined, along with one of my favorite writers, Sarah Vowell.

After that I loitered around the National Gallery where I saw Manet’s Plum Brandy (one of my favorites).

And Rembrandt’s Polish Nobleman.

I even came across another artist…

Now what we have here is a drawing of a woman doing a painting of a painting by Berthe Morrisot. Oh and the Morrisot painting also has a painting in the background.

And on the right is The Ragpicker by Manet.

The next day Brady and I went to Iwo Jima.

Then it was back to Old Ebbitt’s for a drink.

Later that night we got in the car and tried to find a place to have dinner, but every place we went you had to pay at least $20 for parking. So we ended up in Maryland at a place called Plato’s diner, where Brady updated his Facebook and learned all about Scrapple.

All in all it was a pretty great time.

Happy Fourth!

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